Tuesday 13 December 2011

UKOUG 2011

This was my first year at ukoug and I found it a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience. There were many great presentations. I luckily had the chance to see some of these.
Hilary presentation gave an excellent explanation of the latest error handling functionality apex has and how you can create an error table to hold your messages inside.
Roel did a great presentation on dynamic actions and how they can be used to control the content on your apex page.
John did a presentation that seemed to be very well received on the data dictionary outlining how you can use the apex views to display information about your application in the application such as charts and that tell you the average page load time for a user.
I also did an apex presentation that introduced beginners and gave a taster to new users to the tool and some the steps that can be taken to build an apex page. I had the biggest room I had ever presented in which was great
With the largest amount of people I had ever presented to which was also great. Having the opportunity to present at ukoug was a great honour and I want to thank all those that face me that chance.
One other presentation that has to be mentioned is cary milsaps keynote. If was a fantastic presentation, describing both his career and family life. You could tell the presentation came from his heart and it really was really felt by a lot of people. He talked about the key moments in his life and how without a number of events happening there things wouldn’t have happened.

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