Wednesday 1 June 2011

First class grade and how I got there!

Well, I want to pass on some of my thoughts on how I achieved a first class degree. Over my 2nd and 3rd years I reached a 75% average, the threshold for achieving a first class being 70%. I achieved this through hard work, motivation, desire and the willingness to succeed.

I have listed a few dos and don’ts below that may help other students to succeed:


· Attend your lectures – you will always learn something useful

· Read and re-read your module specifications – it’s very important to actually make sure you’re doing what you’re meant to be and you have not gone off course and done something different

· Speak to other students - don’t copy but share ideas, it will definitely help you

· Use your lecturers – fortunately my lecturers were very approachable and I could see them in person or email them to ask questions. You are paying for them, make sure you use them

· Put the hours in and plan your time


· Leave things until the last minute - they will always take longer than you think

· Work all day and all night – the odd all-nighter is ok but your brain stops functioning after 36 hours (trust me I know!)

· Forget to back up your work

· Leave applying for a placement until the last minute

· Forget to submit your work

Hopefully this will offer some suggestions to help you achieve your goals.