Tuesday 15 April 2014

Just Gage

This is just a quick post, in one of my applications I needed a nice gage.

After viewing a few options I decided to use Just Gage.

To set it up it was pretty simple:

Download the Javascript files and link in the page template:

Next create a new region with some Div's where the Gages will Appear and some items to retrieve your value:

Nearly there now for the dynamic action, just a page load dynamic action that will execute javascript:
 Next the Javascript:

Now the final home page, this is just an example.  Just gage has many custom options that can be used including custom selectors so you can set levels and varying colours which is very useful.
I will get round to turning this into a plugin but might take me a little while.  When I did this in the production app I had 4 gages going across the page which gave a really nice dashboard feel.