Wednesday 7 April 2010

My first blog post

Well where do I start. It's been a hectic last 8 months to say the least. I completed my 2nd year in university last June and left to complete a work placement year before I return this September to finish my degree.

I started working with John Scott and Dimitri Gielis from the Apex Evangelists in July 2009. I thought I had a reasonable understanding of Apex and SQL before I started. How wrong was I, I hadn't even touched the surface. Since then I have been working on a number of projects learning a variety of new skills and how to make Apex work for me.

I have learned far to much to write in this post but I will try and blog some of it over the next few months.

One of the most high profile projects I have been working on is the PL/SQL Challenge.

This was an idea thought up by Steven Feuerstein in association with Finn Ellebaek Nielsen. It is set to launch well in a few hours, it has been an ongoing and challenging project putting together the application and all the different elements that were associated with it. It is now ready to go and we are looking forward to the launch.

I advise everyone who knows even the basics of PL/SQL to have a go, test your knowledge and win cash prizes. It's well worth a try.

I'm not going to talk any more now.

I hope to post more in the near future.

You can also catch me presenting at ODTUG this year.

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